Vehicle Maintenance 101: AC Units

2016 Dodge Caravan AC Controls
Plymouth, Marshfield, Brockton, Raynham drivers understand that having your vehicle properly serviced and maintained can extend the life of your vehicle. In order to do this, you need to choose a company that offers the right service specials, especially when it involves your vehicle’s AC system. Thankfully, Best Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram offers the best service in the area. Take a look at a few of the services we can assist with.

AC Filter

The AC filter is an important part of your vehicle’s AC system. The purpose of this part is to remove contaminants from the air that gets ventilated throughout the car. This filter also removes dust and pollutants to keep the air inside the vehicle extremely clean. When the air filter becomes clogged, it can wreak havoc on your AC system. Typically, you can tell that your filter is in need of attention when you start to receive reduced air flow, reduced power output from the engine, or increased dust or allergens inside the cabin. Best Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can inspect and properly replace your air filter for you to keep your AC unit running properly.

Output Temperature

Your vehicle air conditioning is meant to keep you comfortable, but when it’s not blowing out cold air, this could be a problem. There are a variety of reasons why your vehicle’s AC unit may not be cold enough. For instance, you may simply need to recharge the Freon inside the vehicle. In addition, your radiator or condenser may be filled with bugs or clogged with other items. The best way to ensure your vehicle’s AC unit is providing the right output temperature is to allow Best Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram experts to look at it.

AC Pressure

Sometimes you need your AC one level one, and sometimes you need it on full blast. However, when your vehicle isn’t providing you with the right AC pressure, it can mean a very uncomfortable ride for you. There are many factors that can play a role in your vehicle’s AC pressure. It could have to do with clogs, or it could be a result of an engine malfunction. If your vehicle isn’t providing the right AC pressure, it’s a good idea to have this checked out by a professional at Best Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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