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(The information provided here in is taken in part from the MSADA Doc Fee Brochure)
The documentation preparation fee (Doc Fee) is allowed by Massachusetts law to be collected from vehicle purchasers by Massachusetts dealers. The fee is charged to offset the costs incurred by the dealership in processing various paperwork associated with a sale or lease that are separate from those paid to acquire the vehicle.

The Doc Fee recognizes some of the costs related to a dealer’s compliance with federal and state laws and regulations that provide for safety, consumer protection, anti-theft measures, vehicle history checks, notifications, certifications and official filings.
Regulations and Responsibilities are taken seriously by Massachusetts’ dealers
Dealers must prepare and process many documents on each sale or lease transaction. Collection of the doc fee consists of passing on to the customer the costs incurred in doing the following: preparing the P&S, an appraisal document, odometer statements, insurance verifications, storing and archiving documents and the personnel and the computer costs associated with these tasks.

However, the costs related to financing for the deal (ie. Obtaining and processing credit applications, processing the related installment sales contract, etc.) by law cannot be included in the doc fee.
Not all transactions involve the same services, but all transactions must meet many legal requirements as detailed in the documents provided to the customer. Actual expenses incurred and recovered through the doc fee, as well as the size of the fee may vary by dealer and locations. Customer must be aware that no portion of the doc fee is required by state or federal law. Further, the doc fee has nothing to do with the Title Prep fee which is stated as a separate line item (capped at $5).

Why so many forms:
Vehicle transactions have become very complicated, demanding our unwavering attention to detail. Most forms are required to fulfill Massachusetts and federal laws. Others are often necessary for accounting, financing, or manufacturer rebate reimbursement or notification.

Dealers must collect non-public, personal information that may be required as a result of processing the sale or lease. They must comply with federal and state laws designed to protect that information once it passes from the purchaser to the dealer’s hands.
Massachusetts dealers must comply with strict requirements established by their franchisor manufacturers regarding financial stability, proper dealership facilities, record-keeping and more. Comprehensives professional standards offer you the peace of mind that dealership staff have the knowledge they need to do business the right way.