FCA US Teamed up with J.D. Power to Boost Customer Satisfaction

August 26th, 2016 by

Best DealershipLate 2015, FCA US LLC announced a customer service initiative for 2,600 dealerships around the United States including Best Chrysler; it would focus on employee training, facility condition and the all-round sales and service experience.

Though all the workshops and amped award-status requirements were aimed to “enable each of our dealers to earn certification as Customer First Award for Excellence dealers and market themselves to customers as elite stores,” said Al Gardner, Head of Network Development at FCA, North America in a press release December 2015.

Best Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram doesn’t see it that way; General Manager Addie Pugh and his team simply try to do right by everyone that comes into the store. Their recent award is a reflection of their dedication.

“At Best, it is our culture to go the extra mile to ensure every customer has a positive experience,” GM Pugh said. “We have friendly, energetic, and professional cast members who share the common goal of making our guests happy. We take every customer survey very seriously and use them as tools to continuously improve our processes.”

Like Pugh said, it’s the culture at Best to make sure everyone is taken care of. On his first day on the job, Pugh noticed that the staff just really enjoyed their jobs. High-fives in the halls, friendly welcomes, and help consistently offered out.

“Almost two years later, I look forward to work every day because I enjoy coming to such a friendly and positive environment,” He said.

How Our Customers Feel

Frequently people rave to Pugh about the customer service they received; saying things like they felt like family, or commenting on the friendly staff. Even though someone – jokingly – asked if they could just comeback to hangout, this is Pugh’s favorite customer comment:

“It’s rare that you find a dealership or mechanic that would call you and tell you, you don’t need a service done that you requested – I thought I needed my front brakes done. The service team checked them and then called me and advised that I had at least 50 percent left on my front brakes. I was so happy.”

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